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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Centre is serious to tackle immigration issues in Meghalaya: Sonia Gandhi

Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday while addressing election rallies in the poll bound Meghalaya said that the Centre and the state government are seized of the problems of immigration and illegal mining which are core issues of the people in the state.
"The governments both at the Centre and the state are engaged in talks with Bangladesh to see how to stem illegal immigration and I am hopeful that we will reach a solution to the satisfaction of all sides," said Sonia Gandhi at an election meeting at the Kiang Nangbah College ground in the state.
"I am also aware that illegal mining is a threat to the environment...I must say some measures have already been taken and we will continue to do so in our efforts," said Sonia Gandhi. Noting that Meghalaya was one of the fastest growing states, she said it excelled not only in development, but also in administration.
"In many ways Meghalaya has grown far more rapidly than most other states in the North East and perhaps in the country," Sonia Gandhi said. The Congress president spoke on improvement of sports activities and infrastructure in the state.
Sonia Gandhi added, "We also have not forgotten our farmers. They have received financial support and we will continue to implement our agricultural development schemes especially for the marginal farmers of the state." Stating that the February 23 election was of great significance, Sonia Gandhi said, it allowed the people to judge "how we, as a party, helped the people realise many of their expectations". "We are always mindful of the expectations and aspirations of the people and we do not intend to rest on our laurels. Having been in power has not rendered us complacent," said the Congress President.
At another election meeting at Tura, Sonia Gandhi spoke on the development undertaken by the Congress-led government in the state. Urging the people of Garo Hills to repose faith in the Congress, Sonia Gandhi, "We have ensured an era of peace, prosperity and stability. This is a development of which everyone can be proud, this is yours in which everyone has a share."

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