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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rahul Gandhi: Congress not just a party but a big family with ‘Hindustani’ DNA

 Newly-appointed Vice-President of the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi, in his first inaugural address at the Chintan Shivir  (brainstorming session) after donning the Number -2 position in the organization, urged the entire rank and file of his party to prepare for a change, to enable the country to grow from strength to strength, at all levels of governance.

“I am optimistic and we have already put the building-blocks in place. We need to transform the system of governance for a better India, where all people get empowered with their voices heard and their say being accounted for,”stated       Rahul Gandhi. He said that power should not be used for the attributes of power but for empowering the people.

Dedicating his life to the Congress Party and the nation, he said that Congress is not just a political out-fit but is a big family – biggest in the globe- and its DNA is Hindustani (Indian).

In a very straight-forward deliberation, the new Vice-President of Congress Rahul Gandhi, forwarded that the party needs some set of rules of internal governance and this could be possible only by way of changing the old system.

“We need to develop leadership at all levels. We must have 40 to 50 such leaders who can be fit enough to run the country. Likewise, in every state there should be at least 10 to 20 leaders who can take the responsibility to run the concerned state,” Rahul Gandhi said. The same should be the case at district and local levels, he added. 

About ticket distribution system for contesting elections, he said that decision from top is taken but it should not be like that. Party workers should be respected and be given due space in this regard, he categorically said. About leaders, he said those who perform should be honoured  and those who don’t should be ousted, he remarked. He also warned that actions must be taken against the rebels in the party.

At the outset, he thanked all party workers of the Congress for their toil, in strengthening the organization. “It is a honour for me that I have been given a responsibility,” he very humbly forwarded. He also thanked all for the learnings he got in the past eight years that he has been in active politics.

“In 1947, India got liberated. We fought with British Empire with non-violence and we defeated them and sent them back home. Mahatma Gandhi’s successor Pt Nehru, Maluana Azad and many other visionaries gave voice to millions of Indians. During last six decades of Independence, India has seen Green Revolution, Banks’ Nationalisation, IT Revolution and all these have empowered the people of our country in many ways,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Congress-led UPA  to  have followed the great ideals of our nation-builders like Mahatma Gandhi., he said. He talked about RTI, MNREGA, Right to Education and Food Security Bill and said as how these have been aiming to empower the ‘Aam Aadmi’ of this country.

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