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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sonia Gandhi condoles rape victim’s deaths says “We pledge that the victim will get justice”

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New Delhi: Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Saturday assured swift and fitting punishment to the perpetrators of the Delhi gang-rape, whose victim passed away in a Singapore hospital on Saturday morning. She also said that the government had heard the people's voice demanding an end to crime against women. In a televised message to the nation, Sonia Gandhi said that the victim’s courage and indomitable spirit will never die. “It deepens our determination to battle the pervasive and shameful attitude towards women,” Sonia Gandhi said. She also appealed to the protesters to remain calm, saying as a woman and mother she understands how the people feel. She continued, "As a woman, and mother, I understand how protesters feel." We pledge that the victim will get justice," she added. "Today, all Indians grieve as though they have lost their own beloved daughter; our hearts go out for the bereaved family" Sonia Gandhi said. “The whole country shares the grief; the voice of the protesters has been heard. She will get justice,” She assured. “The fight will not go in vain,” she added. This is what Sonia Gandhi said “A young woman of 23 whose life is full of hopes, dreams and promises was ahead of her. Our hearts go out to her parents and her family. The whole country shares their pain. Today we pledge that she will get justice that her fight will not go in vain. To all of you who have expressed your anger and anguish publically, who have scored out in her support, I want to assure you that your voice has been heard. As a woman, and mother, I understand how you feel. I appeal to you to remain calm and help strengthen our collective resolve to fight the menace of violence against women”

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